Music Centre Canada's Grande Prairie location is currently looking to hire contracted instructors, to teach private lessons on location. We are currently seeking qualified, educated instructors for guitar, drums, piano, voice, and violin, but are open to instructors who teach other instruments as well. Instructors are interviewed to ensure they have the proper skill set to teach. Qualified instructors are encouraged to drop off a music based resume at Music Centre Canada, or email their resume to us at For lesson information, including our policies and pricing from a customer stand point, please visit our Lesson page.

What We Offer

  • Private lesson studios for each instructor with amplifiers, chairs, stands, materials, drums, pianos, etc. all provided.
  • Convenient hours - we are open til 8pm on weeknights and instructors are welcome to take bookings as late as 7:30 (lessons are always 30 minutes).
  • A convenient, professional location - parents love having a Tim Hortons across the street, and as a music store, we have all the materials students and teachers might need.
  • We advertise our lesson program via Facebook, Kijiji, our website, and many people who shop at our location take interest in our lesson program.
  • We offer staff discounts on gear, accessories, and give a discount on consignment fees for our instructors.
  • Instructors choose their own availability/make their own schedule - we are open Monday through Sunday as late as 8pm on weeknights. View store hours here.
  • We book lessons for our instructors within the availability they give us - instructors do not have to deal with bookings, cancellations, payments, etc.
  • As a business we can take all forms of payment, including debit, credit card, and cheque, and offer incentives for students to book for extended periods of time, ie. giftcards, etc.
  • We host regular recitals, clinics, open jams, and summer camps, available to both students and the general public.
  • Instructors are still paid for lessons that students don't show up for.

What We Expect

  • Instructors must be available at consistent times, as we book by month. For example, a student may pay for lessons for every Wednesday at 4pm for the entire month of September. This means that the instructor must be available every Wednesday, at 4pm, no exceptions.
  • Though instructors make their own schedules, and choose their own availability, instructors do not book their own lessons. Once a schedule is submitted to the front desk, lessons are booked by Music Centre Canada staff, not by the instructor. This means that instructors must commit to the availability that they submit to us.
  • Instructors must be good players with some sort of theory background. We expect proper counting skills, an understanding of basic sheet music reading, and an ability to play contemporary music. Drum instructors must know their rudiments, guitar instructors must know their scales and theory, piano instructors must be able to read and play sheet music. Instructors will be interviewed to ensure they have the proper skill set to teach.
  • We expect professionalism, punctuality, reliability, and expect instructors to dress appropriately.